Custom Paper Packaging Materials And Performance Characteristics

Custom Paper Packaging Materials And Performance Characteristics

  • 2021-11-04

There are a wide variety of packaging materials, the most commonly used are paper, plastic, metal, glass, ceramics, natural materials, fiber products materials, composite materials and new environmentally friendly materials that are easy to degrade. We Xiamen Darling Packing focus on the paper packaging materials.

Paper packaging materials

In the whole process of packaging design development, paper packaging materials as a common packaging materials, is widely used in production, life practice, from industrial products, electrical packaging, small to hand bags, gift boxes, etc., from general packaging paper to composite packaging paper, all show the charm of paper packaging materials.

Paper processing is convenient, low cost, suitable for high-volume mechanized production, and good molding and folding, suitable for fine printing, and has the advantages of recycling, economic and environmental protection.

(A) kraft paper

Kraft paper is tough and inexpensive, with good resistance to folding and water resistance. It is usually yellowish-brown, light brown, beige or white after bleaching treatment, mostly used for making kraft shopping bags, envelopes, etc., also used for food packaging paper.

Grocery Shopping Kraft Paper Bag

(B) coated paper

Copper plate paper is mainly made of wood, cotton fiber and other advanced raw materials, is divided into single copper and double copper two. Its paper surface is white, smooth, high adhesion, waterproof, suitable for multi-color overprinting, bright colors and rich changes in levels after printing. It is commonly used in the production of handbag, business card and book and magazine covers.

(C) White board paper

White board paper is white and smooth on the front and gray on the back. It is hard and thick, with good strength, surface strength, folding resistance and printing adaptability.

(D) white cardboard

White cardboard is a double-sided coating, and matte treatment of multi-layer double-sided thick white paper board. Its texture is firm, white and smooth, mostly used for making gift boxes, hangtags, blister packaging backing, etc.

(E) Corrugated paper

Corrugated paper is named after the shape of the corrugated board. Corrugated paperboard is made of face paper, lining paper, core paper and corrugated paper. It is light and strong, with strong load and pressure resistance, shockproof and moistureproof, and has low cost.

Corrugated board is divided into single-sided corrugated board, three-layer, five-layer, seven-layer and eleven-layer corrugated board. Single-sided corrugated cardboard is generally used as a protective layer for packaging or to make light-weight cards and pads to protect goods from shocks or impacts during storage and transportation.

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