The Classification And Market Status Of Kraft Paper Bags

The Classification And Market Status Of Kraft Paper Bags

  • 2021-08-23

Green environmental protection is not only the theme of The Times, but also the development trend of packaging industry and packaging materials in the future.

In this context, it makes sense that reusable kraft paper bags are so popular.

Eco friendly kraft paper bags are main product of Xiamen Darling Packing.

When shopping, we can see all kinds of kraft paper tote bags has different handle design includes twisted handle, flat handle and die-cut handle. kraft paper bags packaging is also useful in many fields such as the food industry. From the color point of view, the kraft paper bags used in the food industry can be divided into two categories: brown kraft paper bags and white kraft paper bags; According to the characteristics of food packaging, it has developed a variety of functions such as oil proof, waterproof and printing kraft paper bags.

However, the choice of functions is also the customized kraft paper bags need to be considered, a product is likely to not use all the functional requirements, this is the need to know how to choose the packaging product needs in the design, so as to spend as little money as possible, to obtain more value.

At present, the market's attitude towards kraft paper bags is the printing quality of kraft paper bags, the length of the construction period, the quality of packaging, etc., which is the production of kraft paper bags have to pay attention to.  From the aspect of printing, the printing smoothness of kraft paper bags is not only affected by its own material, such as the selection of raw material, but also affected by fiber morphology and composite layer number.  At the same time, the higher the paper quantity of kraft paper bag, the tighter the paper, the finished kraft paper bag printing reproduction ability is also higher.

Kraft paper bag packaging, in today can be said to be a very popular packaging materials, compared with other environmentally friendly packaging materials cost-effective, kraft paper bag in the future although can not completely replace plastic bags, but with the strengthening of the concept of environmental protection, kraft paper bag market is still not to be underestimated.

Brown Kraft Paper Shopping Bag Flat Handle

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