• Custom Paper Packaging Materials And Performance Characteristics
    • 2021-11-04

    There are a wide variety of packaging materials, the most commonly used are paper, plastic, metal, glass, ceramics, natural materials, fiber products materials, composite materials and new environmentally friendly materials that are easy to degrade. We Xiamen Darling Packing focus on the paper packaging materials. Paper packaging materials In the whole process of packaging design development, pape...

  • Paper Products Is Biodegradable Or Not? In Accordance With GB/T39951 Test Before!
    • 2021-10-14

    Entering 2021, degradable materials have become one of the industry's hot, compared with plastic products, paper products in our impression is usually considered biodegradable and environmentally friendly. However, the fact is very suspicious. From the complexity of the structural composition of paper products can be disposable paper products into two categories, the first category is relatively s...

  • Advantage Of Customized Paper Packaging
    • 2021-09-04

    Paper packaging has the advantages of easy processing, low cost, suitable for printing, light weight can be folded, non-toxic, tasteless, pollution-free, etc., but poor water resistance, poor strength when wet. Paper packaging materials can be divided into two categories: wrapping paper and cardboard. Classification wrapping paper and cardboard general packaging paper collectively referred to as p...

  • The Classification And Market Status Of Kraft Paper Bags
    • 2021-08-23

    Green environmental protection is not only the theme of The Times, but also the development trend of packaging industry and packaging materials in the future. In this context, it makes sense that reusable kraft paper bags are so popular. Eco friendly kraft paper bags are main product of Xiamen Darling Packing. When shopping, we can see all kinds of kraft paper tote bags has different handle design...

  • How to make customized printed paper bag or packaging box
    • 2021-05-25

    With fast developing and mature technology on paper printing and packaging industry, we Xiamen Darling Packing also focus on and distributed to provide eco-friendly, recyclable paper bag and paper box. To make customized printed paper bag or packaging box. Usually, itis divided into seven steps as follow: First, Design Design is the first step to make a customized printed paper bag or paper b...

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